Shinki is Stronger than Gaara! It's the Evidence!

Could Shinki be stronger than Gaara? Very likely, because there are several reasons that make Shinki is above Gaara.

Of course, Shinki means stronger than this Gaara that we see is the potential of how he developed, and also how the comparison of Shinki and Gaara are in the same age, or more precisely when they are each taking the Chuunin exam in the era them.

Okay, no need at length, here's proof that Shinki is stronger than Gaara!

It is said in the history of Sunagakure, for who is capable of controlling iron sand, he is not indiscriminate.

In fact, in the history of anime and manga Naruto only four people can use the technique of iron sands. First is the Third Kazekage, he is the one who invented this technique, the next there is Sasori who uses the body of the Third Kazekage as a Kugutsu, and gained that iron technique via Third Kugutsu Kazekage.

Next comes Shinki, the adopted son of the Fifth Kazekage, Gaara, and at his young age, he's been able to control the iron sand greatly. One more character is in the novel Gaara Hiden he is Kajura.


Each of the four users of iron sand has its own characteristics. The Third Kazekage forms its iron sand into a weapon, Sasori adds poison in his iron sand, Shinki forms the iron sands as creatively as his father forms sand, while Kajura uses iron sand as armor protector, and makes it a giant.

In spite of his lack of experience, Shinki still has not found a distinctive feature, but actually exists, that he combines the iron sand technique with his Kugutsu. Imagine how the sand technique will be in the future.

Are the natural elements of Shinki also great? Of course! Check the next page for more evidence that Shinki is stronger than Gaara!

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