Shinki Against Boruto and Sarada!

Already watching anime Boruto episode 60? There we are presented with two exciting battles, the fight between Sarada against Araya from Sunagakure, and also Mitsuki against Shinki from Suna as well.

The battle of Sarada was won by himself, while the fight between Shinki and Mitsuki resulted in Shinki coming out as the winner.

Because of this, Boruto, Sarada, and Shinki both go into the final game, and claim the first place to become a Ch┼źnin.

Approximately what will this final battle be like? Consider it in preview Boruto episode 61 the following!

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<p> I do not know what it will be, but considering there are three contestants who go to the final, then the possibility will happen Battle Royale. </p>
<p> In the fight, Boruto must fight Sarada and Shinki so he can win and come out as Chunin, then acknowledged by his own father. </p>
<p> It should be so, but what happens is what we will discuss in the second point! </p>
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<p> Looks unfair indeed, but what can i do anymore. Based on <em> preview </em> <em> Boruto </em> episode 61, Boruto and Sarada will work together to fight Shinki. </p>
<p> <em> preview </em> <em> Boruto </em> episode 61 does show, the reason they work together to defeat Shinki because they are in the same team, other than that because they carry Konoha's "self-esteem" . Okay that sounds really cheats, yes. </p>
<p> Even so, it seems that the goals of Boruto and Sarada are working together just to defeat Shinki first, so that Boruto and Sarada can really fight each other and one of them comes out as the winner. </p>
<p> Actually, they work together though, Shinki remains a strong fighter, even according to the author, Shinki will not lose despite having to fight both. </p>
<p> In next week's episode, Shinki will showcase his true iron capabilities. We also see a lot of electricity in <em> preview </em> <em> Boruto </em> episode 61, whether pure Chakra's ability Boruto and Sarada, or Boruto using Ninja tools. </p>
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