Senju Family in Naruto Era until Boruto Go to Mana Sih? Invisible Seat?

Where did the Senju clan in anime and manga Naruto ? Are they extinct? Or they still existed until the Boruto era grew into a Genin?

Who does not know the Senju clan? Senju is a very memorable and very famous clan in the world of anime and manga Naruto.

The Senju clan along with the Uchiha clan form a village that will later be born to the world hero there, Konohagakure.

Great merit, but where is the current Senju clan? Even since the Naruto era alone, the Senju family was nowhere to be seen, and only featured one, and he was the direct descendant and grandson of Hashirama Senju, Tsunade.

The rest, not shown by other Senju members, and such are left to be a mystery away, whereas other clans are shown the reason why they do not appear (if it does not appear).

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<p> The example shown is the extinction of the Uchiha who was killed and massacred by Itachi and Tobi, leaving Sasuke alone. Another family that is extinct is Uzumaki. The Uzumaki clan also explained that they were extinct because they were attacked by other villages who were afraid of their ability to seal the monsters, so that some of the survivors split into villages around the world. </p>
<p> Where is the Senju clan? Are clans as powerful as Senju also extinct and exhausted? Is that possible? Actually the answer is already there, but let's suppose, where do they go? </p>
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Many speculate about the existence of the Senju clan, from those who predicted they were extinct because of the war era (when two of their members became Hokage, thereafter one more member became the first female Hokage).

There is also a thought that the Senju generation ended in the era of Tsunade. In fact, Tsunade himself is actually old, even in the era of Naruto though. If indeed Tsunade's generation is the last Senju, then one generation of Tsunade just seems, that is not married and not married, in fact this might happen, anyway.

But that's not the real thing, you know.

Where is the Senju clan? Check out the next page, and maybe we'll find out where the Senju clan is right now!

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