Secret Treasure of Mariejois Revealed! Connect With Luffy?!

Let's discuss One Piece 906, because there is something exciting in chapter this manga! As usual, the discussion One Piece 906 certainly contains spoiler so open this article with your own self-confidence, especially for you who have not read it.

However, for those of you who have read it yet still want to read the discussion One Piece 906 because there is something confusing or may want to know the details, please continue reading the discussion One Piece 906 below !

As we saw in chapter earlier, Orlumbus would have traveled alone with his own Yonta Maria Grand Fleet group.

In this chapter, he is shown seeing and checking ship officers who are supposed to clean up the ship floor

Columbus, this little boy seems to be beating up one of the janitors for refusing to work or working incorrectly, then giving warning to other workers.


We are shown the appearance of Marijeois, the sacred ground of the Celestial Dragon in this chapter. According to the royal members who came, the location of the sacred ground Celestial Dragon is indeed very beautiful and different from those down there.

Starting from the vast area until the green trees that form the forest, although the tree is not the original tree, but the artificial tree planted there.

Royal members are invited to ride on elevators that walk towards the castle, but Fukaboshi, Shirahoshi's older brother feels there is something strange with these elevators.

The possibility he felt strange because of the movement of the elevator is not stable, and finally chose to take his family to walk alone.

Then, indeed, the power of the elevators is the slaves belonging to Celestial Dragon, because it is unnaturally unstable.

There was a meeting between Luffy's old friends in the same place! Very interesting, who are they? Check the second page for discussion One Piece 906 next!

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