Secret of Big Mom's Strength Revealed!

Well, we'll see the secret of the power of Big Mom is quite unique, the ability Soru Soru no Mi, or Soul Soul fruit that allows Charlotte Linlin aka Big Mom to control the soul. The secret is likely to appear in the anime One Piece episode 837.

What are some interesting events that might happen in the anime One Piece episode 837? Let's look at preview here.


Earlier, we first see One Piece episode 836. Here we look past the Big Mom, aka Charlotte Linlin.

Linlin is a big woman, and at the age of five she is already as big as a giant. He was banished, and cared for by Carmel mama, from here the story begins.

At the end of episode 836, we see Linlin's love for Semla, a sweet and well-liked food favored by Linlin.

Desiring the food, and being forced to fast (for the good of him too), Linlin finally rages and disrupts the village of the giants.

Later, one of the giant elders there, namely Yoruru the waterfall beard, who at the end of episode 836 wanted to kill Linlin, just in 19459004 One Piece episode 837 he who will be killed, slammed by Linlin who very strong.

Mama Carmel who stopped this conflict, by extinguishing the fire and using his Soru Sor Mi no Mi's abilities, then made the fire come alive, like a small sun.

If Soru Soru no Mi power is owned by mama Carmel, then why Charlotte Linlin have it, and mamma Carmel disappear? Check the next page for preview One Piece next 837 episode!

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