Sasuke Success Destroy Konoha, Yet Only in Naruto Anime SD


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<h4 style= Sasuke had the ambition to destroy Konoha; however, Sasuke successfully destroyed Konoha only in the anime Naruto SD.

Naruto SD or full title Naruto SD: Rock Lee no Seishuun Full Power is a spin-off serial that made Rock Lee the main character, and with funny or super Deformed animations with larger head sizes.

Resembling the shape, the anime is also more accentuated comedy stories, but that does not mean exciting battles are not presented in this series. There is one fierce fight, but it only happens in the last episode, episode 51.

Here, Sasuke succeeds in destroying Konoha. Though it is not explained whether Akatsuki intervened, but in the footage at the beginning of the episode, Akatsuki's members also appeared to destroy Konoha together with Sasuke.

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<p style= Sasuke is very strong here, and who is his opponent, certainly is Naruto and Rock Lee. Not easy for Naruto and Rock Lee to stop the evil intentions of Sasuke. This Uchiha youth alone can defeat the combination of Naruto and Rock Lee.

After that, Sasuke uses a real Kirin stance and destroys one area until the ground is dug into a semicircle. Here, Naruto and Rock Lee are urged.

Finally aid arrives, Neji and Tenten head straight for Naruto, Rock Lee and Sasuke battles. Like Tenten's habits in this series, he will perform Tsukomi or be the clever one commenting on the behavior of the fool (which is usually Rock Lee or Guy's teacher).

Tenten instantly performs Tsukomi and is shocked that the storyline suddenly becomes serious, whereas in episode 50, they are still showing the usual joke episode. Rock Lee explains that this is the last episode, and because there is no time and cost, the story jumps immediately, and for Tenten, this will make the audience confused (and indeed).

The animated image suddenly gets worse, even Sasuke's face looks ugly and funny when it says that the aid of one Tsukomi (Tenten) will not be enough to defeat him. Apparently, help comes not only from Neji and Tenten, but almost all characters want to help.

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<p style= Due to the last episode, some characters want to look prominent, as Shikamaru is dressed in a white suit, complete with glasses, or Kakashi and Guy who used the last Gundam shoot parody shirt.

Seeing himself surrounded, Sasuke uses a forbidden stance. He uses Justu where the opponent's Chakra he touches will be the energy collected and can explode like a bomb. This is a suicide attack. Of course the opponents of Chakra Ninjutsu users are very dangerous, and the only one who can step in is Rock Lee.

Did Sasuke succeed in issuing a forbidden stance and destroy Konoha? Check the next page.


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