Sanji's Cause Unlike His Brother Shows!


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<h4> Sanji's past will be recounted again, and this time explains why Sanji is different from his other siblings! Listen <em> preview </em> anime <em> One Piece </em> episode 819 the following! </h4>
<p> In the anime <em> One Piece </em> episode 818, Brook directly faces Big Mom, one of the obviously dangerous Yonkou, and not an opponent comparable to Brook the musician of the Straw Hats Pirates. </p>
<p> At the beginning of episode 818 we also show the power of Pudding derived from Memo Memo no Mi fruit, where Pudding can erase and alter one's memory and memory of an event, where Reiju is the victim in this episode. </p>
<p> Reiju is shot by Pudding, and Pudding tries to erase the memory, especially all the words of Pudding in his room about attempting the Vinsmoke family massacre. </p>
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Unfortunately, Sanji monitors from the outside, so he can thwart this plan, but not directly. In episode 819, Sanji will talk to Raiju in the treatment room. He would explain that he was injured by Pudding, and Pudding changed Raiju's memory of it.

Raiju tries to remember, but still does not remember anything. Sanji asks Reiju to leave before the wedding, and let Sanji stay here. Reiju disagreed with Sanji's request.

For Reiju, the Vinsmoke family, especially his father, Judge is very worthy of accepting this punishment, for they are completely inhumane and often regard this problem as trivial.

Sanji still insists on saving his family, though he is often hurt first. Finally Reiju tells about the reason why Sanji is different from his other brothers.

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<p> Reiju is the first daughter of the Judge and Sora Vinsmoke family, therefore Reiju has not undergone surgery and bodily changes like his other brother, and he still has little feeling like a human being. </p>
<p> After Reiju was born, Judge wanted to change the next four children, namely Ichiji, Niji, Sanji, and Yonji. Sora as a mother did not accept her husband's request, because she did not want her son to turn into a killing machine. The debate ensued, Sora was still undergoing surgery, so her son would be a great fighter without feeling. </p>
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