Sanji Not Want? It's a Straw Hat Crew that Matches Raid Suit Germa!

In One Piece 903, the Straw Hats group realized that Sanji was secretly given Niji Raid Suit courtesy of Germa 66.

This costume tube has even been labeled a number three, signifying this specific costume is prepared for Sanji. Luffy who wants to use it alone can not use it to transform.

The problem is, Sanji really is not willing to be considered affiliated with the Vinsmoke family. He was even depressed with his prey posters, though the value of bounty went beyond Zoro, just because the name printed on the poster was VINSMOKE Sanji.

If Sanji does not want to use Raid Suit, the writer feels this costume can be used by other members of the Straw Hats. This is the candidate that the author thinks.

It's clear Luffy wants Raid Suit because with that costume he can so use the ability of Germa, like Laser Beam .

Just imagine this: Luffy is now at level with Charlotte Katakuri thanks to Gear 4 shapes. If his Gear 4 is reinforced also by Raid Suit, his fighting ability is so incredible.

However, it does indeed overkill handed Raid Suit to Luffy. Perhaps this costume should be left to another member, such as …

Luffy and Chopper up crying because they feel when using Raid Suit they can fire a laser.

Sanji's answer hears the whimpering of his captain and doctor ship? "Franky is enough, we no longer need a crew that uses tricks."

Actually, handing the Raid Suit to Franky is a brilliant idea.

Maybe the Raid Suit was ultimately designed to be used only by Sanji. But Franky and his brilliant mind could learn the costume. It could be that in the end Franky not only created a costume for himself, but a combat costume for the whole Straw Hats.


One Piece other worthy of using Raid Suit Germa if Sanji does not want you to check on the second page!

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