Sanji Cake Can Kill Big Mom ?! Here is the Speculation!


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<h4 style= Though not having poison, Sanji cake can kill Big Mom ?! Believe disbelief, it might happen. This is the discussion!

Previously, a discussion on the possibility of Sanji cake could kill Big Mom clearly contains spoiler . So for those who have not read his manga until the latest chapter, it is not recommended to go straight to read.

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But if you have continued to follow the manga development One Piece or at least follow the regular discussion of please read the review below.

Those of you who do not mind the spoiler also please continue of course.

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<p style= There are interesting things that are shown in the manga One Piece 888. Big Mom's body became thin. Compare it to the appearance of the above with the newest conditions. "width =" 600 "height =" 358 "/> </p>
<p style= OPLovers may have repeatedly seen a figure One Piece who was fat and then became emaciated. Luffy has done it many times, especially when he eats Katakuri mochi pile and then can destroy it by jogging.

But Big Mom's case is interesting because he should not have Luffy's rubber body. From the beginning appears until towards the end of this Whole Cake Island, he ya always look fat. Hence the management of Big Mom is quite interesting.

If by the author, Big Mom experiences something similar to what happened to Luffy when Gear 2. Under conditions berserk, Big Mom's body consumes far more calories than it should. The longer he is in this situation, the more his body will destroy the supply of nutrients inside him.

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Maybe if this chase lasts longer, Big Mom will be as thin as the Pound remembered "width =" 453 "height =" 237 "/> </p>
<p style= Honestly, the author just curious what effect this weight loss. Most likely, as stated in the discussion, the speed of Big Mom's motion will increase. But if left longer, his body will be weaker so that can be defeated by Luffy, Germa, Sanji, or anyone who still has the energy to deal with it.

But if Big Mom's condition indicates malnutrition, then Sanji's cake can kill Big Mom. Sanji did not even have to add a speck of poison to deal with the Yonko.

How so? In the real world there is the term Refeeding Syndrome . This is what could make Big Mom K.O or even get killed.

Curious how Sanji's cake can kill Big Mom? Check out the follow-up discussion on the second page!


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