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As usual, will discuss what is different from the anime episode One Piece with the manga. For the difference One Piece episode 831 with this 861 chapter, the author feels nothing significant can be considered spoiler . If you've read the manga, then this review is safe to enjoy. Similarly if you've watched her anime.

In short, here's a review of the [OnePiece episode 831 with the manga version.



Group Preparation Bege More Highlighted



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<p> <em> One Piece </em> episode 831 shows Bege's men, who secretly disguised themselves as chefs, doing something. They were seen putting up a mysterious Den Den Mushi in Big Mom's castle. </p>
<p> When a chef caught the suspicious activity of Bege's men, Gotti and Vito happened to intervene directly to silence the drunk chef before he could disrupt the plan. </p>
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For the writer, the silly enough of this extra scene is: although the events are shown more in the anime, the function of the action is more explicit in the manga version


In the manga version, undercover cooks state that all they do is block any route and disrupt communication with the special Den Den Mushi. So that's a function of the action of Bege's men in this 831 episode.



Sanji Until Blood-blooded



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<p> Actually this also happens in the manga version. The difference, <em> One Piece </em> episode 831 shows what actually happened to Sanji. </p>
<p> The cause of this ridiculous incident is when Pudding asserts Sanji to kiss her on the lips during the wedding. Sanji had known since last episodes that Pudding was actually planning to kill him. But Pudding's priesthood and the couple's way of saying it succeeded in making Sanji skyrocketed with his own blood shower. </p>
<p> It's just that if in the manga it is said that if Sanji hit the wall, here all he hit was the ceiling before he finally collapsed with blood. </p>
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As a comparison, this is the case in chapter 861. So yep, the above events are only adapted from a single panel in the manga version.

Those are the two differences One Piece episode 831 with the manga version. As is often the case, the animator decides to present more details of certain events. Including that should only happen in one panel.

What do you think about these differences? Convey in the comment field!

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