Sage Mode Mitsuki ?! Kakashi Fight Seriously ?! This Episode is Foolish!


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<h4> Kakashi, Anko, Konohamaru, and Shino fight seriously ?! Mitsuki deploy Sage Mode ?! <i> Boruto </i> episode 36 presents many exciting scenes! </h4>
<p> Oh, by the way, it is clear that the discussion <i> Boruto </i> episode 36 contains <i> spoiler </i>. If you're anti-leaked, or maybe still struggling to find the episode, you're actually getting into the wrong article. </p>
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Then where can you watch Boruto episode 36? The author uses Crunchyroll, which airs the series according to the time in Japan, high quality, and without advertising.

For those who already watch or do not mind leaks, just read the discussion below!



Rules of the Graduation Exam

The graduation exam rules are as follows: the students are given a white headband. If this headband is stretched, then they are eliminated.

The test teachers put the target button on their chests. If the button is destroyed, then the teacher is knocked out. The duration of the exam itself is very long, ie 24 hours.

Then, they must seize a bell from Kakashi, the Sixth Hokage. The problem is: since the bell is only one, is it only one student who will graduate?

According to the author, what will happen is when the bell is seized, then all the students who are still wearing the headband will pass. Sounds easy, indeed. But considering who the teacher to face Boruto and his friends, this effort will not be finished quickly.


The Teachers Do not Fool in Fighting

Shino spends much of his time confronting his students' misbehavior. Anko is now better known as a teacher who likes to eat with Chocho. Meanwhile, Konohamaru does not look tough.

But it can not be forgotten: they are veterans of the Shinobi World War. To assess the graduation of the students from the Academy, the three were not kidding.

Konohamaru succeeds in K.O. some students without much effort. Only when Sumire and Sarada confronted him he began to be challenged.

Anko's tactics and genjutsu may have been read by Shikadai. But Anko did not hesitate to berakrobat with his now fat body and strike back with a snake. Even after being beaten even Anko looks calm.

Seeing the appearance of Anko in Boruto this 36th episode, if only he had fought against Shizuma in Kirigakure, then the group of juvenile thugs could end up much faster.

There is only one teacher who can not show his maximum strength, and he is Shino. The cause? Shino's enemy was able to open Sage Mode!

Sage Mode Mitsuki out also in anime ?! Yes, although not yet fully shown. Read the discussion on the second page!


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