Sadar Nggak, Goku Never Win in Every Great Fight in Super Dragon Ball?


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<h4 style= In retrospect, Goku never wins in every big fight in the Dragon Ball Super! Really?

Since the beginning of 19649006 Dragon Ball, Goku has defeated various enemies, ranging from: Yamcha, Tao Pai Pai, Piccolo, Frieza, to Kid Buu. Entering Dragon Ball Super alone, there are already some enemies that were defeated by Goku-especially in the Tournament of Power. Yet, uniquely, Goku never wins even in every big fight, you know!

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Yes, in every big fight Goku never wins! For those of you who do not understand, this big fight is a battle against the main enemy in each Saga.

For example, in Dragon Ball Z when the story enters Namek Saga, his great enemy is Frieza-and Goku manages to defeat him. Then, there is Kid Buu Saga where Goku manages to defeat the character who becomes a great enemy in this Saga, Kid Buu, using Genki Dama or Spirit Bomb (Bola Semangat).


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Well, as I mentioned before, Goku never wins in every major battle in Dragon Ball Super . In this series itself, there are now 5 Saga described: God of Destruction Beerus Saga, Golden Frieza Saga, Universe 6 Saga Future Trunks Saga, and Universe Survival Saga .

Here's the explanation for each Saga in [DragonBallSuper :

God of Destruction Beerus Saga

In this Saga, Goku's great enemy is Beerus. Beerus himself can not be entirely evil, but he acts as the main enemy here. And though Goku has acquired new form of Super Saiyan God, but he still can not defeat Beerus.

Fortunately, as I said before, Beerus is not a completely evil character. He was quite amused by fighting against Goku. He did not destroy the Earth either.

Golden Frieza Saga

The biggest enemy of this Saga is Frieza. Maybe you'll wonder: "Is not Goku beating Golden Frieza at the end?" Yes, indeed. But technically Goku lost – though it was cheated by Frieza's men anyway.

Goku is arguably defeated because at that time Frieza and his men managed to paralyze Goku, and Frieza also succeeded in destroying Earth. If there is no Whis who returns the time, this is clearly a victory for Frieza.

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