Sad, Apparently Ano Hannah Taken from the Real Story of the Constructor


Author of the story Ano Hana Mari Okada turned out to have a very dark past and an impact to the story Ano Hana that made his audience feel a deep sadness.

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When you hear anime Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai or often abbreviated Ano Hana you will surely imagine how sad life of Jintan is a hikkikomori or one who has never left home and has no social life. The psychic and mental effects after Menma and his mother died made Jintan a shy figure and did not want to see anyone anymore.

Cumin of the Anohana series (source:

Apparently the story of Jintan is similar to the story of the maker of Ano Hana named Mari Okada. For those who do not know who Mari Okada is, he is a story writer who has made many stories for popular anime Ano Hana, Nagi no Asukara, Hanasaku Iroha, Kiznaiver, Anthem of the Heart and Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans . The name Mari Okada is famous among anime lovers because the story he created can always make his audience sad with various dramas that are close to everyday life.

In April 2017, the woman born in Chichibu in 1976 released her own biography book with a controversial title that is How I Not to School Up to Write Anohana and The Anthem of The Heart . The book tells Okada's story as a teenager.


In his book we can see that the drama of life he always shows in each of his stories is a reflection of his childhood and adolescence . Okada experienced social anxiety or social phobia that made him reluctant to socialize.

The great Okada in Chichibu which is the setting of Anohana and The Anthem of the Heart refuses to get out of the house and can not stand the pressure from the outside environment. Just like the Naruse characters in the movie The Anthem of the Heart Okada is big with his parents single parent with his mother, his father cheating on another woman and running away with him. Okada who always refuses to go to school makes his mother very embarrassed.

Once upon a time Okada's mother brought a kitchen knife and said to her, "I can not stand a child like you, I'll kill you." He himself managed to fight his mother's attacks and for the first time he saw his mother cry so great. Such feelings make Okada think that he is the source of the problem that made her mother behave like this.

Naruse of Anthem of the Heart (source:

At elementary school, Okada was always in- bully and continues through junior high school. During junior high school he tries to be someone else until his friend says "Stop bothering to be someone you do not want". The words shook his feelings and he stopped coming back to school.

Okada became a hikkikomori and continued to live in his room while playing video games and reading books. When high school he again failed against his social phobia and decided to move to Tokyo after graduating high school. He was eventually admitted to Amusement Media School and majored in storyline authorship.


Okada's fate changed when he began applying to various places and was accepted to move the interview into writing in a magazine. After feeling enough he returned applying for the studio anime and he got his first 19459006 anime DT Eightron project, he was finally given the chance to write a script of five episodes.

With a wide range of recommendations from people in the industry anime Okada managed to become one of the best and leading story writers in anime . Okada's past filled with gloom made him able to write a glorious drama story and make his audience cry. He can turn bitterness in his past into a force that brings him popular now.

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