Runaway Survey Corps Must Have Troubled!

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Prediction Attack on Titan 105 this clearly contains spoiler for those who have not read chapter 104. So if you have not read it, it is not advisable to continue to listen to the reviews below.

Who has read and is equally curious anyway please read the review below!




Will Fall Victim at Survey Corps and Marley Soldier



Gabi tries to pursue Eren Yeager in Attack on Titan 104. There may be an annoyed reader, but it should be remembered also that Gabi has lost his friends and seen the destruction of the city because of Eren and Survey Corps.


The character of Gabi is actually interesting, because we feel like we're seeing a young Eren but from a different point of view.

Well, according to Gabi writer will be able to kill at least one member of Survey Corps, most likely because of luck alone. The author feels Floch (who does not include Eren's close friend of 104th Training Corps) could be a victim. But the bigger possibility would be Jean.

In chapter 104, Jean was shown to still have doubts about being as cold and brutal as most of his colleagues. He had a chance to kill Pieck, but he missed. Even Jean himself suspected that his shot might be missed by his hesitation.

But then there will be a counterattack that instead of killing Gabi. The cause is between Sasha's righteous shot or Eren demonstrating the power of the Warhammer Titan he just stole.

If not Gabi, chances are that will die Falco. But the author feels that Gabi will fall, then Falco who became Armored Titan and filled with anger; just as Eren used to be.



Titan's Armored Transition Will Happen in the Near Time



Perhaps the incident is not in chapter 105, but the authors suspect that the Marley raid will make survivors decide to replace Armored Titan with a cadet sooner than it should.

Reiner will probably struggle to try to stop Eren. (Especially because at this time only he and Jaws are still able to fight). But in the end he will fail. This failure may also serve as an excuse to judge Reiner no longer deserved to be the Armored Titan.

Reiner himself was so devastated that he could not get up at all. So if he is convicted to be replaced by a new Titan Shifter, he will surely accept it. But all of Reiner's memories will also go to the new Titan Shifter, casting doubts.

Well, if Reiner is properly executed for his power to move, the writer feels Porco will show respect in the final moments because the man has saved Jaws from Eren in the crucial moment.

Advanced prediction Attack on Titan 105 can you read on the second page!

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