Round One Chunin Exam Ends!

Beginning this week, Boruto airs in a new hour.

Instead of Wednesday, Boruto episode 56 releases in Japan on Thursday. It seems that for the next episodes the delivery schedule will still be the same as this.

Anything interesting from Boruto episode 56? Here is the discussion!

But of course, this discussion contains spoilers for those who have not watched. So if you're still looking for your own episode, it's not advisable to continue reading.

If you are already watching and want to remember certain details, or do not care spoiler go review below!




Tension Between The Genin



Boruto episode 56 shows the first half of the chūnin exam.

There are some interesting genins in this episode. From another village, of course the stand out is Shinki and his two friends. All three always look calm throughout the exam and can indeed overcome all the problems that are tested to them.

But the most interesting is Toroi, Yurui, and Tarui. This Kumogakure trio from the beginning was looking furious with Boruto. Their confrontation will then seem to be exciting.



Chojuro Gives Kagura News



In the manga version as well as movie, Kagura Karatachi did not take part in examining the chunin exam.

Boruto episode 56 gives the answer why. Kagura really wanted to be invited Chojuro, but apparently he was left to deal with Mizukage affairs.

Kagura himself was shown a serious practice in this episode. He also hopes Boruto can meet him as a fellow chunin.

This is a very interesting joke.

So, there are some genin stealing attention at the beginning of the episode. Including Shinki, a trio of triplets from Kirigakure, as well as a riot trio from Kumogakure.

Then there is also the Genbu Trio from Iwagakure. From the appearance design they still look like a dangerous trio ready to make a mess. In fact? They did not even get away from the beginning of the first exam. They stumbled stupidly and were hit by an explosive trap.

No wonder Kurotsuchi is ready to galvanize them after this. This is really a shy appearance.


Continued discussion Boruto episode 56 can you check on the second page!

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