Rooster Teeth Presents for RWBY Volume 5


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<h3> Rooster Teeth finally opens his opinion on his work for the animated series <em> RWBY Volume 5 </em>. </h3>
<p> After a long journey, Rooster Teeth finally arrived at <em> RWBY Volume 5 </em>. 3D animated series begun by the late Monty Oum is now almost finished for all future episodes will be aired through the official site Rooster Teeth. At the same time, the production team <em> RWBY </em> contributed to comment on this long series. </p>
<p> <em> RWBY </em> actually tells of the Remnant world that is covered by monsters known as Grimm. The four main characters presented in this series, Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang aspire to become a <em> Huntress </em> or a reliable <em> grimm </em> hunter. However, in order to become a reliable <em> huntress </em>they had to study first in <em> Haven Academy </em>special school <em> Hunter </em> and <em> Huntress </em>. </p>
<p> On Volume 4 that had previously been aired, it was seen that Rooster Teeth wanted to lead to how the four figures decided to split up to take their own paths, such as Blake who just wanted to go back to his family in peace. </p>
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Luna mentions that there will be many twist they present on RWBY Volume 5 which they refer to as 'Monty-ness', which is presented condensed to the innate style we know on RWBY previous volumes. Many who consider RWBY have started to lose direction since the departure of Monty. Perhaps this is the reason why Rooster Teeth wants to try to bring back Monty Oum's narrative style.

To improve the quality of RWBY budget for production plus more than previous volumes. In fact, the production staff only now has reached 80 people. " RWBY continues to grow steadily, if fans are still loyal to watch this series, we will continue to develop." Call Gray

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