Revealing the Mystery Why The Main Character in Anime Always Sitting on a Stool Near the Window!


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Is this just a mere coincidence ? Approximately why yes the bench in the corner of the classroom became the favorite seat of anime characters?

You must be no stranger to the character's favorite seat as above, right? A protagonist or main character in the anime who, for some reason, always makes the bench near the window as his favorite spot . Some of the characters in the other anime even have more distinctive features, namely the bench in the left most corner position and classroom on the second floor up.

It is natural that you feel so familiar, because this scene can be found in almost any anime that takes the middle school background, as one of the narrative delivery locations.

Is the location of the favorite seat indeed deliberately chosen without any special reason at all? Or are the creators of comic and animation inspired by the concept of seating in the actual schools in Japan? The more you're curious, the more questions come up.

This pattern, due to overuse, is ultimately considered to be one of the clichés in the anime industry. Along with other boring phenomena, like the hair of every character that is always colored ngejreng or the main character in the popular anime that hobbies in large portions and its character is always far from the cool .

Unfortunately it is hard to find news footage that includes an interview of the mangaka or anime producer revealing the reasons behind this mystery. Unless you are Haruka Kotoura, it is almost impossible to find their heads. Therefore we must guess the answers independently

Fortunately, there have been many logical theories posed by cross-country anime enthusiasts embodied in various forums in cyberspace on this subject. Some of them may already be guessed and some may never have occurred to you before. What is it?


To focus the camera on the main character

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<p style= The reason is arguably the most plausible. By placing the character in the far corner near the window, they want a special scene where the character has its own 'space' that is free from any other character mix.

This position allows shooting only focus on the characters in question. So his behavior and movements here become more interesting to observe. He could be busy writing, doing a monologue in his heart, throwing his eyes out the window, or daydreaming khusyu ' while flashbacks up to several episodes.

It is undeniable that the angle becomes the best exposure event for the main character. The attention of the audience can be completely focused on the character. Light games can also be freely played here. Light or dim sunlight can be adjusted as effectively as possible to add dramatic impression.

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