Revealed! Deku Not Favorite Character Boku No Hero Academia This Year




Apparently oh it turns out, Deku is not a favorite character in Boku no Hero Academia for this year. Then who is the favorite character Boku no Hero Academia in the year 2017 huh?

Speaking of Boku no Hero Academia or Sky High Japanese anime version must have instantly recognized the character Boku no Hero Academia which has its own appeal. As Izuku Midoriya or Deku is famous for his unyielding spirit or the famous Shoto Todoroki thanks to his cold attitude and dark past stories.

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There is a poll that determines who the favorite character Boku no Hero Academia. Boku no Hero Academia itself was held by magazine that published Boku no Hero Academia yatu Weekly Shōnen Jump and it turns out this poll is held annually.

In 2017 this favorite character polls Boku no Hero Academia re-held and the result is actually between the unexpected and already predictable.

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The furious, emotionless, and eternal enemy Deku is Katsuki Bakugo out to be the favorite character winner Boku no Hero Academia this year and has a distant sound difference with his enemy Deku with 2704 votes.

Meanwhile, Izuku Midoriya is in second place with 3205 votes and only one voice adrift with the coldest and "hot" character there is Shoto Todoroki with 3204 votes.

Bakugo itself has twice become a favorite character in this poll. Deku has become a champion when this poll was first made but always lost with Bakugo.

Actually this is a pretty strange thing since it is usually the main character and protagonist character of the comic. Shonen Jump usually becomes a champion in favorite character polls such as Edward Elric, Uzumaki Naruto, and Monkey D. Luffy.

Here is the order of favorite characters in Boku no Hero Academia for the year 2017.

  1. Katsuki Bakugo (5909 votes)
  2. Izuku "Deku" Midoriya (3205 votes)
  3. Shoto Todoroki (3204 votes)
  4. Eijiro Kirishima (2006 votes)
  5. Tenya Iida (1822 votes)
  6. Shota Aizawa / Eraserhead (1453 votes)
  7. All Might (1378 votes)
  8. Denki Kaminari (1223 votes)
  9. Ochaco Uraraka (1211 votes)
  10. Hitoshi Shinso (1178 votes)

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