Remembering the Yuki Clan, the Owner of the Hykone Genkai Kekkei Genkai Should Have Been Destroyed!


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<h4> The Byakuya Gang members who use the ice jutsu attract attention. Was he a member of the Yuki clan, the owner of the Kekkei Genkai Hyoton that should have been destroyed? </h4>
<p> The Yuki clan, whose blood was last seen inherited by Haku, was again the subject of conversation after <em> Boruto preview </em> episode 43. Because there was shown a person, most likely from Byakuya Geng, disabling Team 7 with ice jutsu. </p>
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Of all the Kekkei Genkai, Hyoton that allows the owner of Yuki clan's blood to manipulate ice is quite rare.

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The Yuki clan is from Mizu no Kuni. They include those involved in the civil war in the country, relying on Hyoton to fight.

As the war finally ends, the people of the country harbor deep hatred against the users of Kekkei Genkai. Yuki clan members also choose to hide and bury their abilities, so they can live in peace.

In the Naruto series there are two members of this clan who are known. The first is Haku's mother, the second is Haku herself. The problem is, they've been confirmed dead.

Navers veteran may still remember how tragic the death of the female owner of the Kekkei Genkai es is. He had a relationship with an ordinary man, had a son, and built a happy family.

Then Haku showed off his resurrection of the Kekkei Genkai. Haku's father realized this and tried to kill his wife and his own son. Haku's mother died. While Haku …

He uses Hyoton to kill his father.

Haku himself then met his end after trying to stem Kakashi's attack on Zabuza. He was resurrected during the Fourth Shinobi World War, but in the end his soul went back to the Hereafter and it seems that he died permanently. Yuki clan members are known to be alive no longer exists.

Hence, the appearance of the ice user figure in Boruto preview episode 43 is quite interesting. Of course, the ice user is certainly not Haku. But the possibility he also comes from the Yuki clan this gives an opportunity for this mystery clan could be highlighted again.

The interesting thing of course is that this mysterious figure can use his ice jutsu very easily on arid plains. It's increasingly arousing that he is a user of Kekkei Genkai Hyoton.

Kirigakure may have received reforms thanks to May, which then continued Chojuro. But it could be that Mizu no Kuni still has fears about the users of Kekkei Genkai, and the figure who freezes Team 7 has no choice but to live a bandit

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Continued discussion of the mysterious figure of ice jutsu users Boruto preview this 43rd episode can you read on the second page!


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