Related to Levi, Who's Sih Kenny Ackerman on Serial Attack On Titan?


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<h4 style= Kenny Ackerman appeared on the latest poster of the anime Attack on Titan season 3 ! Actually, who is Kenny Ackerman? Check out the facts here!

Towards the anime Attack on Titan season 3 which will air in 2018, the series showcases a poster showing a hit person, Levi Ackerman who is dueling with someone.

Uniquely, the person is dueling with Levi, but not using a typical Survey Corps sword, instead he uses some kind of firegun. Who is that person?

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<p style= The man who is dueling with Levi is Kenny Ackerman. His appearance in the story Attack on Titan brings something new, and explains that their enemy is not only the Titans, but also the "evil" men.

Actually, who is Kenny Ackerman? Curious? But the author again reminds me that this article contains spoiler from the animated story later, so for you who do not want to be hit spoiler then leave this article yes



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Member of the Military Police

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<p style= Attack on Titan Attack on Titan alone and has not read his manga, must be well aware that the Military Police unity within the wall seems to have great potential to be an enemy to Survey Corps forces.

The relationship of these two units has not improved since the changed Eren incident and the incident of the fight against the wall against Female Titan, because there are many citizens and Military Police who died and became the first time they saw Titan directly.

Kenny Ackerman himself came from Military Police, even he was an important person who also took part in the changes that took place, and all the structures that humans lived in the wall.

He has great influence with the important characters in the Attack on Titan serial series, even before the beginning of the story begins (we will discuss more details about this on the next page).

Kenny Ackerman leads a very powerful army, even these troops can kill Survey Corps led by Erwin Smith and Levi! How great is his troop? Check out the next page!

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