Reckless! This 6 Enemy One Weak Piece That Challenges the Dangerous Enemy

When it comes to recklessness, Luffy is definitely one of the most desperate figures in One Piece . He did not hesitate to beat Tenryubito, a whistle with Whitebeard, or even risk his life against the Big Mom fleet for his best friend.

But Luffy is different from the people below. These six enemies One Piece are usually driven by an arrogant nature, trying to fight enemies much stronger than them.

Anyone? Let's see.

When meeting Shanks to preach Luffy's first bounty Mihawk says that he has no interest in fighting Shanks with only one arm.

The words actually give an interesting indication: Shanks has lost his arm since his visit to the village of Luffy. So his fight with Mihawk, which still sounds in Whitebeard's ears, occurred before Shanks decided to go to East Blue and relax there.

When Higuma intimidates Shanks, Shanks does not fight back despite being humiliated and humiliated. The reason is simple: Shanks does not consider Higuma a threat, so Higuma's humiliation is meaningless to him.

But when Higuma goes on to solve the problem by endangering Luffy's life, this small bandit group feels how the consequences of being beaten by a Yonko's men. (Lucky Roo and Beckman who resolve the issue).

On reaching Jaya, Luffy has defeated Crocodile, a Shichibukai. Bellamy is far below its level.

However Luffy and Zoro, who can easily chop down the entire crew of Bellamy if they want, do not want to fight just a matter of dreams. So they were silent when humiliated, beaten, and insulted by Bellamy's group.

The problem is different when Bellamy steals Cricket's gold. Luffy really came to fight. Bellamy was finished with one hit only. Even more funny, Luffy complete this duel without the need to use the strength of rubber.

When meeting again, the enemy One Piece this one has become a better person. But unfortunately he had to repeat the fight against Luffy for the rest of his loyalty to Doflamingo.

Enemy One Piece another who foolishly defies an overpowering opponent you can check on the second page!

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