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After Satoshi Kon, perhaps the death of Isao Takahata is one of the most influential loss stories in the anime industry. Together with Hayao Miyazaki, Takahata is an animated Ghibli studio figure that inspires not only the anime fans, but also the image artists, film critics and filmmakers, to popular musicians.

Of course, the whole anime in which his name is involved is part of the memory left by him for all circles. However, from the excellent work, most beautifully, to the masterpiece, these ten films most symbolize how an Isao Takahata is remembered all over the world.

The first time Lupine The Third was animated by Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata as the director of several episodes. It was through this first season that Lupine was then always getting expressive scratches in his animation as we know it today.




Anne of Green Gables: Road to Green Gables (2010)



Returning with the work he previously handled as a television series in 1979, recaping the first six episodes Anne of Green Gables is recording Takahata's still relevant directives to date, even when he is juxtaposed with works the director in subsequent years.



My Neighbor The Yamadas (1999)



My Neighbor The Yamadas is evidence of Takahata's imaginative direction that still shines as it injects its influence on the adaptation of a daily drama manga. Each of Yamada's family members receives a special treatment that makes one after another leave a lively and intimate impression. In fact, Takahata's expertise in making the imaginary moments of his character makes the parts come together for us to feel for ourselves.



Gauche The Cellist (1982)



In this fantasy story, Takahata's direction as a director brings every character closer and closer to the audience, which we also find to Miyazaki and My Neighbor Totoro . Through Gauche also, Takahata proves that his fantasy masterpiece is also equivalent to his fellow founder relatives of his more popular Studio Ghibli.

Therefore, what are the other six titles done by Takahata? Check out the sequel to the next page!

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