Recalling the Nail the Namek Knight, Brother of One Body Piccolo!


 nail the knight namek "width =" 800 "height =" 450 "/> Nail the Namek Knight is the strongest warrior of Namek Nation! Do you know how the Namekian journey that volunteered to join this Piccolo? </h4>
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Of course you know Nail the Namek Knight. Nail is the strongest warrior of Namek Nation who has "joined" with Piccolo and helped him gain greater power. Even recently Nail had popped into Piccolo's mind as he collapsed in Universe Survival Saga .

But what exactly is Namek Nation like?

Nail is a resident of Namet Planet known as a loner in his people. Nail is known as bodyguard personally for the Teacher Elder, creator of Dragon Ball Planet Namek and the oldest Namekian still alive at that time. Nail is also touted as the strongest knight of Namek Nation, at least when Frieza arrives at Planet Namek.

As the elder bodyguard the elder Teacher who dedicated his life to protect him, Nail the Namek Knight has a very heroic soul. He was very concerned about his brothers, to dare to attack Frieza when they came face-to-face despite his apparent strength lost far away.

According to Frieza's scouter (gauge of strength), Nail has a power level above the Namekian average with a value of 42,000. The value is proportional to the strength of the members of the Ginyu Troop, even bigger than Vegeta when he first came to Namet Planet. To the extent that Frieza is also interested in recruiting him, loh!

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<p> Nail also had time to deal with Frieza, although the fight was one-sided. At that time he was deliberately stalling for Dende to have plenty of time to summon Porunga, the dragon of Dragon Ball Planet Namek. </p>
<p> Fortunately before Frieza actually finish Nail, she had a smile and revealed her plan to Frieza. This then angers Frieza and immediately leaves the dying Nail to dash towards Porunga. This is why Nail survived and became part of Piccolo. </p>
<p> Thanks to the Dragon Ball from Planet Namek, Piccolo then bounced back and arrived at Namek Planet without hitch. It was there that he finally met Nail who was injured heavily after fighting with Frieza. According to Nail, if Piccolo and Kami are still Gods on Planet Earth still join should Piccolo be able to defeat Frieza. </p>
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From this chat Nail then offered to join Piccolo and make himself extra power for the former Devil God. It is offered by Nail to simultaneously save his life that is already on the verge of death.

Piccolo initially refused to remember he did not want to share his consciousness with others, but after learning that the merger between Namek did not change anything from the Piccolo side then Piccolo finally agreed. Piccolo finally "absorbs" Nail and makes it part of Piccolo's body. Piccolo then get an extraordinary extraordinary power.

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<p> After joining the Nail, Piccolo even had the upper hand against Frieza in his second form. Piccolo is quite capable of pressing Frieza to the extent that he must immediately switch to third mode. Unfortunately Frieza's strength in this form becomes too great to be opposed by Piccolo. </p>
<p> Such is the story of Nail the Namek Knight until it becomes part of Piccolo. Although in the end Piccolo is only able to excel against the second form of Frieza, but at least Nail has been part of Piccolo's long story to date, as Piccolo became part of the representatives of the Universe 7 fighters. </p>
<p> How did you feel after reading the Nail story of the Namek Knight? Answer in the comment field, yes! </p>
<p> <sub> Source: dragon ball wikia, edited by Fachrul Razi </sub> </p>
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