Recall Boku no Hero Academia's Invocation in the "Peace Sign" Anime Version Video Clip




Still miss the action Boku no Hero Academia the second season? Do not worry, thanks to this anime version of "Peace Sign" the video clip will make you remember the series again.

It can not be denied that Boku no Hero Academia is the best-selling and most popular series throughout 2017. Everyone wants to see again Deku's struggle to continue the All Might struggle as superhero all favorable.

To recall the excitement of Boku no Hero Academia Toho Animation's party as the distributor of this anime series uploaded the second installment of the series "Peace Sign" from Kenshi Yonezu in the anime version or animated music video (AMV) which outlines the second season of the series.

Inside the AMV we can look back at the struggle of Deku and his friends in competing to become real heroes and save many people.

You can see AMV "Peace Sign" from Kenshi Yonezu that combines scenes from Boku no Hero Academia in the video below.

Speaking of "Peace Sign", the song has been released on June 21, 2017 and has gone into second place in Japan. The song is taken from Kenshi Yonezu's fourth album titled BOOTLEG which successfully sold 240 thousand copies for one and a half months and was awarded Platinum certification.



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"Peace Sign" alone managed to sell as many as 59 thousand copies in its first week and managed to sit in first position on Billboard Hot 100 due to the digital digital sales of this remarkable song. This song is also in the third position of the best-selling anime song in 2017 version of Billboard Japan. You can see the original video clip of "Peace Sign" at the link below.

The third season Boku no Hero Academia will air in April 2018 and take arc "School Trip" and will recount the summer journey of the students of U.A. class 1-A. The students will be taken to the Forest of Magic Beast which idi they should hone their powers under the supervision of Aizawa and pro hero of The Pussycats.

However, the League of Villains is still moving forward with its mission, and Izuku will find himself having to fight the villains as they come to kidnap one of his classmates.

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