Reason Why Ridiculous Super Saiyan Hair Colored Yellow Gold!


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<h4 style= Why is the Super Saiyan hair golden yellow? It turns out there are silly ridiculous reasons behind the color!

The hair of the Saiya always varies according to form . According to Vegeta himself, the true Saiya people have black hair color. However, the hair color changed when it became Super Saiyan. Well, do you know, why Super Saiyan hair is golden yellow?

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In an interview with Akira Toriyama incorporated into guidebook titled Dragon Ball Super Exciting Guide: Story Volume the creator explains why he made Super Saiyan hair golden yellow. Here's the answer from Toriyama:

" I decided on Super Saiyan design for, to be honest … this simple excuse will surprise you while saying" What? ". I have an assistant, Assistant-kun, who helps me with the manga. The work time of Assistant-kun is always exhausted to give black color to Goku's hair, so the biggest reason is to save time.

"Because when Goku turns into a Super Saiyan, we do not have to spend time dyeing his hair. It also makes us more recognize that Goku becomes stronger just by looking at his appearance, so it is like throwing two birds with one stone.

"Only then did I think that his strength would be 50x as Super Saiyan. But it seems a bit too much. My feeling as a creator is, when I draw it, I think its strength becomes 10x as the first time it changes. "

So there you go, it turns out that the reason for Super Saiyan's golden yellow hair is to save time! As we know, the yellow color in the manga does not need to be colored alias just white. Haha.


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Actually, we also can not say that Toriyama is lazy by making this decision. For those of you who do not know, mangaka schedule is very crowded-let alone for manga that is published weekly. Indeed, many mangaka have assistants to help with their work. But, in the case of Akira Toriyama, he only has an assistant you know!

In the Japanese manga world, having one assistant is so rare the alias is not normal! But luckily Toriyama can survive with just one such assistant, huh! Haha.

Super Saiyan's own hair color is now more diverse since entering the Dragon Ball Super series, some are red (Super Saiyan God) and even blue (Super Saiyan Blue). For Super Saiyan God himself, has not found the information why Toriyama decided the color so.

However, for the Super Saiyan Blue (or the original Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan), Toriyama decides the blue color to be different from the color of the enemy he faced at that time (Frieza). Toriyama said that in fact he wanted to make Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan white.

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