Really Jack the Mammoth Son of Kaido's Fruit Is A Fishman?


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<h4 style= Jack the Mammoth, is he a Fishman? What is the reason that makes people think that he is a Fishman? Here are some explanations and theories.

In Kaido's Beast Pirate, the strongest creature on Earth has three members who become his right hand, and called Disasters or disasters, Jack himself is one of the three.

Jack is a powerful and dangerous Pirate and Pirate captain so he can beat two Mink tribal leaders, Inuarashi and Nekomamushi for days.

But eventually he can be defeated, and because of this defeat, many people think, or at least predict that Jack is a man from Fishman or fishman, why?


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Typical Tooth Teeth

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<p style= Jack always covers his mouth with an iron mouthpiece. Many characters argue that this mouthpiece is intended to cover its horrible mouth, as well as give a spooky impression.

According to the author himself, because the Pirate Beast is indeed very "wild" and dangerous, then this mouthpiece is perfect worn by Jack. In addition to adding a horrible impression, this mouthpiece also signifies itself as a dangerous captain.

However, this mouthpiece has been destroyed, and Jack's mouth has been shown. This moment occurred when the Mammoth ship from the Pirate Beast led by Jack was fighting against Zunisha.

Zunisha is a giant elephant that resides in the Mink tribe. Jack wants to defeat the Mink tribe, by killing Zunisha, but Zunisha is keen to protect the Mink tribe, and since it has been ordered by Momonosuke, Zunisha eventually fights back Jack's army.

Here, Jack's Mammoth ship is struck by Zunisha's trunk, and with just one attack, the ship is destroyed and blows all its passengers, including Jack the captain.

Jack is bouncing and his mouthpiece is broken, here his mouth is visible, is it horrible? Apparently, Jack's teeth are sharp tusks in triangle shapes. Once you see it you will be aware of one of the tribes, that is Fishman. He has fangs like a predator-type Fishman, for example Arlong and Jinbei.

Fangs like Fishman alone are not enough to explain Jack, as there are other theories, check the next page!


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