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<h4> Continuation of the story <em> Tokyo Ghoul: Re </em> actually looks like Godzilla? What does it look like? </h4>
<p> The giant Kaneki or Kaneki giant in the form of Dragon is still undefeated and currently occupying Tokyo, making all citizens frightened by everything that will happen next. </p>
<p> Unlike before, it seems like Kaneki's monster is exhausted. After destroying the city overnight, now the giant centipede was asleep while wrapped around a large building. </p>
<p> Thought to fall asleep, an officer pierced Kaneki's monster body with a tool kit. Unwittingly, Kaneki did not fully fall asleep. He opened one of his eyes, then quickly slashed the officer's head. </p>
<p> On the other hand, CCG party was confused with this phenomenon. They are trying to gather their best members so that this problem can be solved and Kaneki's giant monster can be defeated as soon as possible. </p>
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Of course, Kaneki's friends can not just let Kaneki, become a very uncontrollable dangerous creature. Tsuukiyama alone regretted allowing Kaneki back into the 24th Ward, but Kaneki's wish was obviously justified, which was to save his wife.

In the Bureau, the condition is equally chaotic. The CCG special forces are still debating how to best solve this problem. This group is very messy if no one is leading, that's what Fura thinks.

 Continuation of Tokyo Ghoul: Re "width =" 800 "height =" 450 "/> </p>
<p> In the midst of the chaos, Marude shows up and gives orders quickly. He instructed to ask for help from the GSDF as well as the police. In addition, he also ordered to prioritize civilian addressing. CCG went back to operating properly. </p>
<p> At the end of <em> chapter </em>Marude had difficulty thinking and said that no CCG member could defeat Kaneki's monster. Appears Scarecrow or Hideyoshi. Kaneki's friend spoke using the book. </p>
<p> Hide says, "Should we ask the specialist for help?" Even though he had written it wrong, but Marude understood. Who is the "Specialist" referred to by Hide? We look forward to it. </p>
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