Rare! These 6 Wise King of the Fictional World! Anyone Yes?

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To arouse an interesting conflict, usually the fantasy story will feature three types of rulers: corrupt and troublesome heroes, powerless to deal with problems in his kingdom, or wise and helpful to the main character.

These prudent kings usually became the foundation of their land. As long as they exist, the kingdom will run optimally and the minimum crime can be overcome.

The problem is that this wise king is rarely a long-lived one!

Who are they? Let's see!

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<p> From the world <i> One Piece </i>Nefertari Cobra is still one of the wise kings of that one title. </p>
<p> He may often be ridiculous. But if the situation requires him to be serious, then he will be serious. </p>
<p> One of the hallmarks of Cobra is that he is very populist. He does not mind his daughter friendly with commoners like Kohza. If there are people who report problems, such as drought, he does not hesitate to sacrifice his own property to help. </p>
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Even when his country was plagued by revolutionary conflict even Cobra still cares for its people. Fortunately before he was overthrown tragically, Luffy and Vivi can overcome the Crocodile conspiracy!

Now, let OPLovers all pray that Cobra can also escape from the Reverie Council. Last seen, she looked sick on her way to Reverie. That is not a good sign, because there is a sign between Monkey D. Dragon or Kaido will try to attack the event.

This wise king who came from the game Undertale . Asgore is a benevolent monster who cares deeply about his people. Some monsters even recognize him as a silly figure!

But this one king is forced to kill the lost human children in his kingdom so that he can destroy the barrier between the world of monsters and the human world.

Since the game's main character Undertale is human, surely you must kill Asgore when you first have to deal with him. He even abolished the choice to forgive him.

But if you play the game again and can make the fight against Asgore averted, you'll find that he's really a good-hearted king who's stuck in a difficult situation.

This wise king can see his footsteps in books and movies Lords of the Ring


First seen in The Two Towers Theoden looks like an old king, helpless, and fully within the control of his counselor, Grima Wormtongue.

Then Gandalf freed Theoden from the influence of Saruman and what did this king do? He was 71 years old when Two Towers, but he continued to direct his troops until he died at Return of the King

During that time he has been involved in a number of epic battles on paper difficult to win, such as the Battle of Helms Deep.

Do you feel you can be a battle leader like King Theoden? Try playing Lords Mobile!

 mobile lords event "width =" 800 "height =" 450 "/> </p>
<p> <em> Lords Mobile </em> is a strategy game you can play on your HP. There are 3 types of troops that can take you to victory that is Infantry, Ranged and Cavalry. </p>
<p> Each army has its own features and strengths. </p>
<p> Infantry is a troop of ground troops spear, Ranged is a ground troop, and the Cavalry is an equestrian. (Like the mainstay of Rohan's army of course). All three have the advantage, and also the weakness of each so strong able to fight one opponent, as well as fragile over other troops, such as making a suit! </p>
<p> <span style= What does that mean? Infantry strong against Cavalry, strong Cavalry face Ranged, and Ranged strong against Infantry. It makes you obliged to have a specific strategy to defeat your enemies!

Do not get the wrong choice of troops to confront opposing forces yaa! Be an intelligent army leader!

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This download link Lords Mobile Android version: Lords Mobile Android

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Six other wise kings from the fiction world can you check on the second page!

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