Ranking The Power of Konoha 11 Shippuden Time. Neji and Shino More Strong Who?

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Approximately, the power of Konoha 11 is as great as what? Then, who is the strongest among the eleven young Ninja from Konoha this? Hang on, you still remember Konoha 11?

For all of you who have forgotten, Konoha 11 is a group consisting of eleven Ninjas from Konoha, consisting of 7 teams, team 8, team 10, and also Guy's team. However, since Sasuke was out of the village, the group contained only eleven members, not twelve.

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<p> Well go back to the topic, from the member's rudeness, who is the strongest when they were still in the series <em> Naruto: Shippuden </em> or when they were teenagers? Well let's start the following Konoha 11 power rankings! </p>
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<p> Tenten is a great fighter, especially when using weapons. However, when <em> Naruto Shippuden </em>Tenten only possessed such a force alone. </p>
<p> Should any opponent be able to withstand Tenten's arsenal of insistence, then that person can fight back, for example when Temari is against Tenten in the Chuunin exam. </p>
<p> Tenten is strong, but he still has a gap as mentioned above. </p>
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