Proving Worth Being Debuted as a Kage, Here are 7 Unique and Great Jutsu of the Kage (Part 2)


Be prepared to be beaten by the Kage . Every Ka ge has control and jutsu is unique and great. Here are 7 jutsu unique and powerful of the Kage .

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A Kage was a shinobi who was appointed to be the leader of a territory. Some are selected based on ability, some are based on lineage. But so far, whatever the reason they can be elected, they all prove to be dangerous fighters.

Therefore, the jutsu which they have certainly also not arbitrary, even very great. Behind their prowess, they have jutsu unique. Here are 7 jutsu unique and powerful from the Kage second part.


Mokuton: Kajukai Kōrin

Other names: Deep Forest Bloom

User: Hashirama Senju

Again Hashirama Senju the first Hokage had jutsu unique and great. Jutsu This is the first Hokage's ability to control wood elements. Through this jutsu Hashirama grows a large number of trees up like a forest, tying his opponent by using the trunks and roots of the tree to stop his mobility. At some point, the flower that grows on the tree secretes pollen which is then released into the air.

The pollen if inhaled by the opponent will make him unconscious and weak. Remarkably, the pollen is also capable of penetrating the chakra Susanoo's defense. This Jutsu is very difficult to defeat because the opponent must free himself from the trap of the tree, finish off the trees, or must be out of reach of pollen in order to survive.


Hiraishin no Jutsu

Other names: Flying Thunder God Jutsu

User: Minato and Tobirama

Hiraishin no Jutsu is often seen used by Minato under various conditions. Actually, Hiraishin is is ninjutsu between the time created by the Second Hokage, Tobirama Senju. Jutsu allows users to instantly instantly switch to previously marked locations.

To use this jutsu the user must place a special seal to mark the desired destination. Once this is done, they can move themselves instantly to the seal location. These marks can be applied to almost any area through short physical contact, including opponents or objects around others.

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Minato was able to protect the village from the attack of the Nine tail monsters with this jutsu . He moved the chakra dense tail of the Nine Tails that could have destroyed all of Konoha and its contents.

In addition, Minato can also defeat Tobi with this technique when he dueled with him. He cleverly uses his special kunai and moves behind Tobi's body in critical moments. Due to the frequent use of this technique, Minato Namikaze was nicknamed Konoha no Kiiroi Senkō . The hallmark of Hiraishin Minato is to use his special kunai which is also a sign of where he will move. Where there is kunai Minato can come any time.


Continued jutsu unique Kage can you read on the second page.


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