Proof of Greatness Monkey D. Dragon?


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<h4> Why the destruction of Baltigo, which is the island of Revolutionary Forces headquarters, is considered the greatness of Monkey D. Dragon? This is the discussion! </h4>
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There is a letter of readers asking to discuss the incident in Baltigo, the island of Revolutionary Forces headquarters. Actually not much is known about the destruction of the place, but indeed this incident is interesting.

For those who forgot the details: Jesus Burgess, who had defeated Sabo in Dressrosa, had managed to sneak into the boy ship. Burgess also finds Baltigo and summons Blackbeard.

Baltigo then destroyed. Blackbeard's armada tried to intercept Cipher Pol, but they managed to escape. Until now, this is the only official thing we know about the Blackbeard and Revolutionary Troops conflict.

Interestingly, the newspaper did not mention any significant casualties in this conflict. Whereas the death of Dragon and his subordinate importance is definitely a great news, if that happens. Similarly, if Blackbeard, a Yonko, lost his life or his famous men.

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<p> The author considers two possible events about Baltigo. And both prove the greatness of Monkey D. Dragon. The only in terms of combat power, the other in tactical ability. </p>
<p> Let's start from the possibility of power. </p>
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<p class= Muscle Theory: Duel with the Blackbeard

Blackbeard is one of the strongest man in the world One Piece today. How come? He has Yami Yami no Mi a Logia capable of turning off the effects of another Devil Fruit. Then he also had Gura Gura no Mi a highly destructive Paramecia, as Whitebeard proved in Marineford.

Blackbeard can defeat most of his enemies, even the Logia fruit eaters, by simply dragging them, depriving them of power with one hand, and punching them with earthquakes.

This one man is also the only man capable of giving permanent wounds to Shanks. He also once beat Ace when he does not yet have Gura Gura no Mi .

But, there are no reports that Dragon was killed or caught. Again, if this happens, the news should be preached. For the World Government, Dragon is a greater threat than the four Yonko. You see, Dragon is really eyeing the power of the rulers.

The simplest conclusion of course is Dragon, who seems to be able to control the weather, was able to offset Blackbeard in a duel. Baltigo was destroyed by the Blackbeard and Dragon fight. Then, after Dragon managed to make sure his men were able to evacuate safely, he left.

Between that or this fight finally ends first by both fighter because the Cipher Pol ship came close to Baltigo.

The theory of the greatness of Monkey D. Dragon above may sound great. But want to know more powerful again? If it turns out Dragon had deliberately planned the destruction of Baltigo, and he only made a Blackbeard as his pawn.

How come? Read the discussion on the second page!


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