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<h4> If not in flashbacks, the figure <em> One Piece </em> is hard to die. The proof is yes list of false death scenes in <em> One Piece </em> this! </h4>
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Before the War of Marineford changed everything, Eiichiro Oda had an overly affectionate reputation for his character. The proof he rarely kills a character.

Oh of course there are figures One Piece who died before Marineford. Call it Bellmere, Hiluluk, Nico Olvia and the entire population of Ohara, even Gol D. Roger himself. Yet all these deaths happen in the flashbacks of the past.

In a time setting One Piece both Luffy and his criminals tend to be too good. Even the brutal Enel and Crocodile alone failed to kill any of the important figures in their story. New Akainu is so strong that it is able to finish off a popular character in the background of a story that is not a flashback.

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<p> But to add to the tension, sometimes Eiichiro Oda makes a fake death scene. A character acting with heroics confronts a lot of enemies, or sacrifices himself to save a friend, and is thought to be dead. But it was revealed later (or at that time) that the character was not yet fully dead. </p>
<p> What are some examples of fake death scenes in <em> One Piece </em>? Let's look at the list. </p>
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Eiichiro Oda's assumption does not have the heart to kill characters, in addition to the flashbacks, first strengthened yes because of the false death scene in One Piece involving Pell.

True OPLovers certainly remember the scenes that the author meant. Pell, having proved ineffective in the face of Baroque Works, finally acted very heroically at the end of the Arabasta conflict. He was carrying a very large explosive bomb into the sky. Then there was the explosion, and the eater Tori Tori no Mi Falcon's model disappeared.

This will be an excellent death scene for Pell. But in fact Pell then revealed still alive, just thrown away once. He could then be found to have acted as one of Vivi's bodyguards again.


Mr. 3

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<p> Still from Arabasta, there is a fake death scene from Mr. 3. What is meant here is Mr. 3 meet Crocodile, then the boss absorbs the liquid from the body. 3. There is little left, but Mr. 3 too limp to move. He was powerless when one Crocodile crocodile crocodile ate it. </p>
<p> In the real world anyway Mr. 3 might have died when Crocodile absorbed his body fluids. But not just Mr. 3 survived the incident, he also survived devoured intact by crocodiles. He had time to use his power to protect himself. </p>
<p> Personality <em> One Piece </em> is indeed amazingly powerful. So if you do not see their corpses, as happened to Ace and Whitebeard, assume they are still alive. </p>
<p> Mr.. 3 who lived this long in the end, unexpectedly, it is very helpful Luffy. Starting from the Impel Down, where the candle is able to dispel Magellan's poison, up to Marineford, where the sacrifice of Mr. 2 makes this man take the initiative to help Luffy. </p>
<h4> Especially the false death scene in <em> One Piece </em> that makes fan gregetan? Check the follow-up discussion on the second page! </h4>
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