Promise Fulfilled with Netizen Help, Baby Goku Will Be Born in Arizona!


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<h4> Thanks to Netizen's help, finally Goku's baby will be born on this Earth! </h4>
<p> Still remember with Carlos Sanchez? He is a Facebook user as well as a fan of the anime and manga series <em> Dragon Ball </em> which has a purpose, and needs help from Facebook users around the world. </p>
<p> On January 25, 2018, he sent a photo on his Facebook page. The photo shows Carlos Sanchez holding a piece of paper with a note on it, and this paper appeals to the Netizens. </p>
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People plz share and like !!

Posted by Carlos Sanchez on Wednesday, 24 January 2018

It says "My wife said, if I get a million like on Facebook, then we will name our son by the name of Goku." Of course not kidding, because giving the name to the child is something important

Possibly, his wife disagrees with Carlos Sanchez's idea of ​​naming their son Goku at birth, and finally his wife gives a condition and a promise, that if her husband gets a million like on Facebook, then Goku's name will they give to their son later .

Armed with this, Carlos Sanchez also sent a picture of himself to Facebook, and was greeted lively by fans of anime and manga Dragon Ball others. Certainly as a fan, other Facebook users also want to see babies born with the name of their hero.

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<p> Finally, the photo gets an untamed amount <em> share </em>reaching 174,000 shares, until the destination is fulfilled with the help of Facebook users who <em> like </em> the photo . </p>
<p> Until this article was made, the number <em> like </em> in the photo has already exceeded the target, and has already reached 1.5 million <em> like </em>! Since the request has been fulfilled, the promise must also be executed. </p>
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So could not get her reaction on video so we made this video. Thanks everyone for the likes and support !! Can not wait to show goku all the likes he got one day !!

Posted by Carlos Sanchez on Friday, 26 January 2018

Through his Facebook account, Carlos Sanchez sent a short video showing himself and his wife. Carlos raised his hand and there was the effect of Genki Dama in his hand, while his wife next fell drooping while holding the paper saying "I will keep my promise, and name our son Goku Sanchez."

Finally! Carlos Sanchez gets support from around the world, and baby Goku Sanchez will be born to the face of the Earth! What do you think? Interested in naming your son later with the name of the character Dragon Ball ? Maybe Vegeta, for Goku Sanchez to have a rival, later.

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