Preview Boruto Episode 57: Metal Lee Threatened to Be Out of the Range?!

Boruto episode 56 has shown the first round of the chunin exam, which is full of twist . Many contestants have been eliminated there, though of course important figures still stand the test.

What's waiting for the next episode? Here are some interesting details that the author found in Boruto preview episode 57!

Long invisible, Tenten acts on episode 56 as trapper between the briefing location and quiz location.

Preview Boruto episode 57 shows the female shinobi on this one briefing the contestants.



Round Two: Flag Fight



The two round system of chunin exams in the anime version seems to be the same as in movie . The genin must seize the enemy's flag, but their own flag must also be secured.

Preview Boruto episode 57 shows Boruto believed to keep the flag. The problem is, he seems to be facing triplets from Kirigakure.

Video preview really confirms that Boruto is trusted by Sarada and Mitsuki. This responsibility, his guilt from episode 56 (he survived because of Sarada and Mitsuki's intervention), as well as his father's attention-seeking thirst seemed to make Boruto start using sophisticated kote starting from this episode.



Bad Signs for Lee Metal?



 preview boruto episode 57 - metal lee "width =" 800 "height =" 448 "/> </p>
<p> <i> Preview Boruto </i> episode 57 shows Metal Lee with a bloody fist. </p>
<p> The problem is this: in the <i> movie version, </i> Metal is stuck in round two. The flag was captured by Shinki, though he had a chance to fight. </p>
<p> For the anime version, Metal seems to be protecting the flag while Iwabe and Denki will be the usurper of the flag. Will the existence of Iwabe and Denki change the fate of Metal? Let's see. </p>
<p> Obviously, even if he is knocked out, Metal seems to be still fighting with all his strength. It is even possible that this fight makes Metal lose its nervous nature. </p>
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The Sumire Team (the Mysterious Fate Still) Shown At a Glance



Interesting also preview This shows Tim Sumire at a glance.

Given the fate of Metal Lee in movie the author can guess what will happen to him later. Not so with Sumire, whose team really just existed in this anime.

Will Sumire's step stop in this episode? Or is he unexpectedly going to go on? This is interesting to behold.

Those are the interesting things that the author finds from preview . Which one interests you the most? Convey in the comment field!

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