Preview Boku no Hero Academia S3 Episode 2: Mineta Attacked by Monster?!

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Thus, Boku no Hero Academia season 3 has started since last Saturday. Most first episodes still contain summaries. New in Boku no Hero Academia S3 episode 2 next week's main storyline this season begins: camp summer for students and girls!

In addition to the opening of camp summer, preview of Boku no Hero Academia S3 episode 2 shows that Mineta has to deal with a monster.

The third season Boku no Hero Academia This seems to have started very badly for Mineta. In the first episode she was dragged into a stamina workout with the students because of her own fault. He can not even see the girls in the bikini, because they prefer to wear a practical and polite school swimsuit. Then in preview this, he is confronted with the mysterious monster above.

Before preview played, there was also the Eraser Head scene telling that the camp summer location was quietly moved for safety reasons for the students. Only a handful know about this location change.

The problem is, after that Shigaraki is shown contacting someone and asking the figure to get ready. It seems that the camp summer location of the hidden disciples will eventually come to light as well and become the target of the League of Villains.

So, is the monster that threatens Mineta above is one of the local fauna of the summer training ground? Or is it part of one instructor's ability to guide the students during the exercise? Or even this is the beginning of the League of Villains attack to the students? Clearly, the new League of Villains members shown at the end of the second season (like Himiko Toga) seem to be acting sooner or later.


That's the discussion preview of Boku no Hero Academia S3 episode 2. For those of you who have read the manga, how do you think the opening of this anime version? Convey in the comment field! Who only watch the anime version also do not mind voicing your opinion about your estimate of what will happen later.

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