Prepare Tissue, Visual Novel Little Busters! Will Release in Steam!


 Little Busters "
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Who do not know visual novel Little Busters! The masterpiece of the KEY with a storyline that must have drained the tears.After the age of 10 years, the VN has finally been remaster and will be released in the form English Edition .

For those of you who love visual novels with the focus of more stories into serious dramas than fan service Little Busters! is a great option for fulfilling the thirst for a moving story. For you who are happy with this series, good news for you. Little Busters will be remaster and released on November 1, 2017 at Steam .

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Little Busters! tells of Naoe Riki, who goes into the Little Busters! Group, and is in charge of finding new members in high school. Your goal is to get women members together. The goal of the effort of friend who is the only woman, Natsume Rin, can reduce her awkwardness to mingle with other female friends.

 Little Busters 
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Based on a pamphlet deployed on Tokyo Game Show 2017 WORLDWIDE MISSION START! ", Little Busters! will be updated starting from language setting so players can use English or Japanese, [touchscreen] feature and more HD graphics.

Little Busters! will be released in Steam with a price tag of $ 34.99 in units of American dollars. If dirupiahkan, the price can be lower. Like Clannad which is only Rp.335.999, but when made into US Dollar, the price becomes $ 49.99. For additional stories like Little Buster! Ecstacy there is no information about it. Either what will be the DLC or will be united into one game .

If you want to play, you have to pay attention. Visual novels are in contrast to visual novels in general. If you can usually accidentally repeat ending the same, not with this VN. Once you have completed the good ending path of a character, then when you play it again, the character may disappear.

In other words, when you complete true ending from this VN, not necessarily completition- its 100%. To find the character once again, you must complete true ending it first. In addition, taking sequences like an anime anime may be a good choice.

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