Prepare Danamu! Nendoroid Hinata Hyuga Will Be Coming Soon!


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<h4 style= Nendoroid Hinata Hyuga is finally created, and the character catalog Naruto Nendoroid version was increased. See the funny Nendoroid Hinata below.

The Nendoroid line of toys seems to be attracting the wallet of fans of the anime and manga series Naruto . Originally, the development of Nendoroid characters Naruto seemed to move slowly.

Nendoroid of this series The first release of course is Naruto Uzumaki's character which was released in April 2017 then, and it took 2 months until Sasuke finally released Nendoroid version.

In the year 2018, two Nendoroid's planned Naruto will be released, Itachi Uchiha in March, while Sakura Haruno a month later, ie in April.

Good news coming for you all fan Naruto likes Nendoroid figures, plus likes Hinata characters, then this is your chance to get a funny and adorable Hinata Nendoroid version.

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<p style= Following Sakura's character, Hinata eventually comes as the second female character of the Naruto series and can be paired with Naruto Nendoroid if you like the NaruHina partner.

Like most characters Naruto in Nendoroid form, will be given three Faceplate options. For Nendoroid Hinata, there are expressions when she is blushing, smiling ordinary, and also when she uses the Byakugan.

The given accessories do not seem too much, but can give a strong impression on Hinata, considering that the Hyuga family does not use a lot of weapons, and rely more on hand.

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<p style= An already announced and definite accessory is the effect of Juho Soshiken's attack. Juho Soshiken or Gentle Step Twin Lion Fist is a mainstay technique as well as the typical stance of Hinata Hyuga, the two Chakras concentrated in the palm of the hand to form the lion's head.

Moreover, it is possible if Nendoroid Hinata does not have any additional accessories, nor seems to have any background given, for example is Kurama for Naruto Nendoroid background, Susanoo for Sasuke, or Katsuyu for Sakura.

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<p style= Even so, as a fan of Hinata characters, the author himself can not wait for the release of this Nendoroid. What do you think? Do you also want Nendoroid Hinata? or maybe you've done Pre-Order?

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