Prediction One Piece 890: Thousand Sunny Will Be Destroyed!!


 one piece prediction 890 "width =" 800 "height =" 450 "/> Prediction <em> One Piece </em> 890 returns to estimate the story that Oda will convey next week! our beloved? </h4>
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Prediction One Piece This 890 will surely contain spoilers of chapter 889. If you guys only follow the anime series only or do not yet know the contents One Piece 889, it is advisable to discontinue reading the contents of this article.

But if you guys do not trouble with spoiler or already know the contents of One Piece 889, please proceed!



Leo and the Tontatta Pirates

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<p> As predicted earlier, this cover story centers on Leo and the members of the Tontatta Tribe. Viola and Rebecca seemed to smile at the behavior of these Tontatta warriors, as if they thought they could not really be pirates. </p>
<p> But will it be like that? In fact, so far only Leo and the Tontatta are left members of the Great Hats of the Straw Hats that have not become pirates since the Ideo and XXX Alliance Gym Martial Arts have formed a group of pirates themselves. </p>
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Prediction One Piece 890 estimates that the next chapter will show us how seriously Leo and his friends will desire to become pirates. It would be hard to imagine these honest dwarves doing anything like Luffy and his crew.

But if Leo really becomes a pirate, it will be quite beneficial for the Straw Hats. Why? Try to imagine if the members of the Great Hats of the Straw Hats are pirates who have names in the oceans. The more famous the members, the bigger and dreaded also the name of the Straw Hats out there.

Although the author is convinced, it is not the fame that Luffy sought.


Sanji & Bege vs Perospero & Daifuku!

Pretty soon the supposed Bege ship will reach Big Mom's place and the rest are. If that happens, of course a clash between Bege who previously intended to kill Big Mom with the Big Mom crew will not be avoided. Especially from Perospero's conversation with Bavarois, Charlotte Perospero seems to be suspicious of the cake brought by Bege.

If like this, what might happen?


BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

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Go down to the sea and become the Pirate King! Go out with Luffy and the Straw Hats in your hand!

According to the prediction [OnePiece 890, Sanji and Bege might be forced to clash with Bavarois, Daifuku, and Perospero. With Big Mom who has darted towards the Thousand Sunny, Perospero's hands have been free and able to help the Big Mom crew dispel anyone who opposes them.

If the predictions of One Piece 890 are correct, Sanji will be busy trying to give the wedding cake to Big Mom while Perospero is skeptical of the wedding cake that Bege is carrying will try to dispel them. Daifuku will focus on helping Big Mom while Bavarois will help Perospero.

By the way, Carrot had said that he could get out of Ceylon or Sulong mode by covering his eyes. What does this have to do with Pekoms who always wear sunglasses, huh? Just go to the second page of prediction One Piece 890!


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