Prediction One Piece 884: What is the Disadvantage of Katakuri?


 prediction one piece 884 "width =" 800 "height =" 450 "/> Prediction <em> One Piece </em> 884 present In this article <em> </em> will try to estimate events that will be present in the next chapter. [Curious?] </h4>
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This article may contain spoilers. For those of you who have not read One Piece 882 or who just follow the anime series only, it is advisable to think twice before reading the prediction One Piece 883 following.

But if you guys do not trouble with spoiler, please go on!



Ideo Involved Inter-Tribal War?

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<p> This cover story turns out to be close to what was thought before, involving Ideo and his comrades into a battle. But it remains uncertain whether these two parties are pirates. </p>
<p> The most obvious thing here is the battle between long-sided tribes against long-leg tribes. On one of the ships, Ideo and Abdullah beat up the crew while on another ship a shadow of Blue Gilly with Jeet doing the same. </p>
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Funnily enough, the Ideo that comes from a long-sleeved tribe instead strikes a long leg tribe. In contrast to Blue Gilly who came from long-leg tribe to finish off the long-sleeved crew. Does this indicate a feud between long-sleeved and long-legged tribes?

Prediction One Piece 884 according to the subsequent cover story will probably show how the entire vessel of both sides was after being beaten by members of the XXX Gym Martial Arts alliance.


What's the News of the Straw Hats Crew?

Indeed they are all rumored to be safe, but after two chapters do not appear it is not impossible they will show themselves in the next chapter. Based on the predictions One Piece 884 of, chances are we will at least know what they are doing.

Not only Nami and the other ship crews, but also Sanji, Pudding, and Chiffon are likely to appear in One Piece 884. We should at least know what they will plan for when they arrive on Cacao Island.

But this could not have happened, because the focus of the next chapter is certainly not this.


Eating, eating, and eating!

Luffy's words make a good laugh to his readers. How come? Luffy gets upset because he has to keep eating and eating if he wants to win. First against Cracker, now Katakuri. Both force Luffy to eat in order to survive.

Then does Luffy's "eating" activity stop here? It's not unlikely that someday he'll meet Charlotte Smoothie and drink whatever his juice. He could have licked Charlotte Perospero's candy to survive. Although it seems unlikely to happen in the next chapter, it is not impossible Luffy should be forced to eat again later.

Not only that prediction One Piece 884 this time. This time D also predicted what the weaknesses of Charlotte Katakuri were guessed by Luffy. Want to know? Just go to the next page!


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