Prediction Captain Tsubasa 2018 Episode 3: Tsubasa Join Nankatsu?

Is it not certain that Tsubasa will join Nankatsu? The answer is yes, yes indeed, but there are some slightly different paths, and let us predict Captain Tsubasa 2018 episode 3.

In the second episode, the author also made some predictions, however, only half were right, and the other half missed, and the miss was the meeting between Tsubasa and the Nankatsu team.

What are the predictions of my World Network for anime Captain Tsubasa 2018 episode 3? Check out his predictions here!



Tsubasa Join Nankatsu



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<p> In the anime <em> Captain Tsubasa </em> version of 1983, we already know that Tsubasa met the Nankatsu team, even since episode one, and started actively becoming a Nankatsu member starting in the third episode. </p>
<p> Nankatsu himself is Tsubasa's primary team at elementary and junior high schools, therefore the team is very memorable and memorable for fans of the <em> Captain Tsubasa </em> series. </p>
<p> Up to two episodes, other members of Nankatsu have not been shown, and only Ishizaki alone. Very likely in episode 3 later, Tsubasa has started actively attending school at Nankatsu Elementary School, and here he met his teammates. </p>
<p> Of course, Tsubasa directly joins the Nankatsu soccer team, and becomes the core team. How not, Tsubasa was famous for being able to defeat Wakabayashi, not even that, he also managed to defeat team B from Shutetsu. </p>
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<p> Fixed predictions, but it is certain that Tsubasa will meet Anego aka Sanae in episode 3. How not, even if only a supporting character, but Sanaeo plays an important role in Nankatsu team development, as he is the captain of the team of encouragement. </p>
<p> It feels also less if the match Nankatsu no jargon "Forward! Advanced! Nankatsu! "Which is usually shouted by a cheerleading team led by Anego. </p>
<p> If in 1983 Tsubasa has met Sanae since episode 1, then here is probably the third episode. </p>
<p> Since it took up to three episodes for Tsubasa to meet the Nankatsu team, the authors had confidence that the anime <em> Captain Tsubasa 2018 </em> would move slowly, and <em> long run </em>complete with numerous episodes (this is also just a prediction). </p>
<h4> <strong> In episode three, is it possible that Tsubasa meets with other Japanese national team players? Check the next page for prediction <em> Captain Tsubasa 2018 </em> episode 3! </strong> </h4>
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