Prediction Captain Tsubasa 2018 Episode 11: Nankatsu In Danger!

Nankatsu in danger? Because of what? Will they lose in the preliminary round? Immediately you can see the prediction Captain Tsubasa 2018 this 11th episode!

Before discussing Captain Tsubasa 2018 episode 11, let's discuss a little bit of episode 10 that just aired today.

In episode 10, we are introduced to many fan favorite characters, Kojiro Hyūga. At the beginning of its introduction, Hyuga gets a lot of fans because according to them, Hyuga also has potential as a main character, in which he plays football with a clear and achievable goal, like the types of whizers in Shonen [19459005

Hyuga emerged with very strong pressure for Nankatsu, as he was able to defeat all Shutetsu players, who were known as national champions in the previous year. Even Wakabayashi's goal can be uprooted (because Wakabayashi also injured hell).

Okay, then what happened to Meiwa's team and also Nankatsu? Why Nankatsu in danger? Consider the prediction Captain Tsubasa 2018 the following 11 episodes!


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<p> At the end of episode 10, we see the Meiwa team, which should be led by Hyuga, but Hyūga does not play and they receive pressure and lag the score to two points. </p>
<p> His condition had entered the semi-finals, meaning that if they lost, there was no choice but to go home without being able to represent Saitama territory. </p>
<p> Of course Hyuga can not stay silent. He and Takeshi Sawada are watching from the outside, and both will go in to play. </p>
<p> Hyuga and Sawada are the golden pair of Meiwa, which resembles a golden pair from Nankatsu, Tsubasa and Misaki. </p>
<p> The difference is that if Hyūga and Tsubasa are at more or less the same level, Sawada is under Misaki, even though Sawada is also great at playing soccer. </p>
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