Potentially So Mizukage, Kagura Karatachi Will Become Strong Allies Boruto?


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<h4> Once trusted by Chojuro to be a person of Hiramekarei, there is the sign of Kagura Karatachi prepared to be the next Mizukage. Can it be? </h4>
<p> It seems that all Navers who follow the story <em> Boruto </em> (both the manga version and the anime series) already know what will happen in the future: Kawaki and Boruto will fight. Either because of Kawaki itself or because of Kawaki's allies, Konoha was seriously destroyed. </p>
<p> Kawaki's identity is still mysterious so far. (Expected manga <em> Boruto </em> chapter 17 will reveal it the first time). But clearly, if the future of Boruto versus Kawaki is inevitable, Boruto needs a strong ally to deal with it. </p>
<p> Kagura Karatachi has the potential to become one of those allies. Especially since he's not from Konoha, so even if Konoha is destroyed and the people are hurt, this guy still has the potential to come to help. </p>
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Potentially So Mizukage?

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In terms of skill, Kagura Karatachi feels no doubt. After all, he succeeded in hurting Shizuma Hoshigaki. Yet when that happened, Shizuma was an instructor and Kagura was just a student. Compare with Boruto, who was shamed all out by Shizuma in his first encounter.

No wonder Shizuma warned his five friends that Kagura decided to fight he could defeat them all alone. Especially since that time Kagura already held Hiramekarei.

Chojuro the Mizukage himself seems to have prepared Kagura to be his successor. Therefore he offered Kagura to try Hiramekarei's test.

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<p> Kagura's main problem so far is only one: his emotions are unstable. On the one hand is Kagura the kindhearted, whose guilty conscience Shizuma uses to manipulate him. On the other hand there is the legacy of Yagura, a side full of anger that can shed blood wildly and mercilessly. </p>
<p> When he manages to overcome that mental barrier, Kagura has the potential to become a respected figure. </p>
<p> Hence, the author feels when Boruto fights Kawaki, Kagura between already being a Mizukage or he becomes a Mizukage bodyguard. If Boruto successfully helped him in this groove, of course Kagura will feel indebted and encouraged to help if Boruto needs his help in the future. </p>
<p> Except Mizu no Kuni and Hi no Kuni no more problems, of course. </p>
<h4> Continued speculation about Kagura's future role can you read on the second page! </h4>
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