Possible Powers War Hammer Possesses-Attack On Titans

Hey guys, so in this blog I will be discussing the unknown ninth titan which is inherited by tybar family and the current holder is Billy the War hammer. After the reveal of that there are nine titan Shifters; some kind of buzz was created between the manga fandom. Soon the buzz caught fire after its name was revealed as the War hammer. There are many theories about this unknown titan’s power. So in this topic we will discuss about the possible scenario and will try to draw possible conclusions.

A Titan with a hammer:

There are many in fandom who thinks that war hammer will be a simple titan who posses a hammer which is indicated by its name but when it comes to Hajime’s imagination i really don’t think that it will be that much simple and poor. But there is possibility of it as we have a pic which shows a Titan with hammer.

A Perfect titan with all titans power

In many anime’ the last/main villain is always showed as an invincible warrior who posses the power of all positive/negative characters with perfection ,making him the strongest character. As we all knows Hajime loves to take inspiration from there is possibility that war hammer is a titan with agility of female titan, controlling skills as Beast titan ,hard body as armored titan , size as Collosal titan and fighting power as attack titan.

Titan with flying abilities:

In the episode 92 at start of new arc it was teased that there is possibility of a titan with wings. The general looking at the broken ceilings said”Is there any titan with wings?” There is possibility that war hammer is titan with flying abilities which makes him the most unique titan.

Okay that’s all for today I tried my best to the find the best scenario. What are thoughts about it? Please drop yours suggestions and ideas in comment box.

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