Ponimu Will Provide Anime Streaming Service in Indonesia Legal!

Today, watching anime through the services of streaming has already been tempting to open browsers, regardless of its legality. Of course, legal spectacle services in Indonesia from year to year are limited to television stations and streaming services legal short-lived. However, there is another new venture that will again be a new addition to watching your favorite anime titles in a healthy container through Ponimu!

Why is piracy in anime broadcasts actually able to grow freely within the Indonesian environment, and is it the share of stream legal in creating a better fan environment?

To get the answer, we went to Marco Armando, founder from streaming anime service this: Featured Animated Portal (Ponimu) at booth event Creators Super Fest 2018!

Ponimu, is a streaming service focusing anime with prepaid systems as a much easier and less complicated way of subscribing.

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<p style= Priced at Rp 49,500 for a 30-day subscription, streaming service anime with prepaid model is a solution for the local wibu-wibu who are mostly foreign or afraid of credit card payments. It is planned that Ponimu will also hire one of the largest gateways transfers to this subscription system.


Not only that, the more qualified Indonesian translation services, age limiters, and simulcast also promised a safer and faster viewing experience for the ever-up-to-date ] with a quality anime spectacle!

So what are the conversations about the 19459004 local anime we talked about in this interview? Listen to the next page!

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