Plot Twist, Tokyo Ghoul: Re Ended Bad Ending?


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<h4> Manga <em> Tokyo Ghoul: Re </em> will end <em> bad ending </em>? Could there be an important character that died? </h4>
<p> Currently, the manga <em> Tokyo Ghoul: Re </em> is nearing the end of the story. Previously, Kaneki and his friends from the Goat organization led by Kaneki himself. This organization aims to unite the Ghoul and Man to coexist. </p>
<p> However, Goat's organizational goals are certainly not that easy to implement. CCG could not have been that easy to straighten out their wishes, eventually the clash ensued and could not be avoided. </p>
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In chapter 141, there was Death Flag which was flying. There, Touka and Hinami meet Suzuya Squad. Suzuya Juuzou who led the troops would certainly not hesitate to kill Touka and Hinami. The detailed discussion you can read here

Touka and Hinami were cornered, even the Hinami were almost dead. However Death Flag is wrong, not the Hinami who will die. Kaneki, who had been with the food search division, returned to help his wife, Touka and Hinami.

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<p> Kaneki ends up fighting Suyuza Squad, especially Suzuya and his right hand, Hanbee Abara. Suzuya and Hanbee are already preparing for the worst, because Kaneki is very strong, they end up using Quinque Arata who is the protector of the body. </p>
<p> Their battles are unfortunately not shown clearly. Just start, and just end quickly. After the battle ended, Kaneki was shown in a messy condition. </p>
<p> Ken Kaneki is defeated with a miserable condition, his hands and feet mutilated. Because the mangaka, Sui Ishida seems to want to end <em> Tokyo Ghoul: Re </em> like the previous series, <em> Tokyo Ghoul </em> on <em> chapter </em> 144, then there is no time to describe Kaneki's fight against Suzuya. </p>
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