Performer of Anime Recorder in Cinema Already Apologize, But Is The Problem Done?


Anime recorder in cinema that triggered the delayed release of Japanese anime film to Indonesia has admitted his mistake. But will the problem be over there?

After the excitement about the threat of stopping the anime movie in Indonesia by CGV Indonesia because of someone who recorded an anime in the cinema and upload it to social media, the anime recorder in the cinema finally lifted the vote as well.

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Anime recorder in cinema who allegedly sparked a notice from CGV Indonesia this is an Instagram account named The party recorded anime No Game, No Life Zero in theaters directly via the Instagram Live feature. Suddenly, the unlawful incident triggered a reaction from CGV and caused negative comments from netizens as well as anime fans who were annoyed by this incident. Because of this incident the filming of the anime film Fate / Kaleid becomes postponed.

Having received a tremendous negative response from the netizens and the animanga lovers finally the party opens his voice in a post in their Instagram account. In the upload they apologize to the anime lovers due to their mistakes. Here is the content of post an.

Mimin is very sorry for the mimin act the other day,

excuse me admin error due to lack of knowledge about piracy and i regret what i have done

Mimin very apologize to the odex and the concerned as the distributor of this film, and mimin also very apologize to anime fans all over Indonesia for mimin actions that are very harmful per-Animean in Indonesia

final word, thanks to all of you who have been rebuked for this incident. once again I as an admin apologize for the magnitude of this incident to all anime lovers in Indonesia.

Although the who became the anime recorder in the cinema has apologized but this incident was not over here. CB International Movie Party as anime film distributor in Indonesia stated that the licensor of the film still insisted to proceed further through legal channels and processed thoroughly.

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This picture capture of course make all animanga fans surprised because this problem has been more fatal until brought to be brought to the green table. Let's hope that this incident does not drag on and the distribution of anime films in Indonesia can go back as it was.

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