Penguin Lovers Hululu Kemono Friends Died

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<p> <em> – Fun News: Lovers Penguins Hululu Kemono Friends Died </em> </p>
<p> Often mimin preached about the story Penguin Lovers Hululu Kemono Friends, namely Grape-kun. This time it is not funny news but a sad news. According to a tweet from Tobu zoo in Japan, Grape-kun has been reportedly dying of illness. </p>
<p> Grape-kun is rumored to be unable to return to play outside due to illness and undergo intensive treatment in the medical room even the waifu, Hululu had also moved to the side of Grape-kun. Unfortunately Grape-kun's life can not be saved. </p>
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グ レ ー プ 君 展示 中止 の お 知 ら せ
グ レ ー プ 君 に 体 調 の 変 化 が 見 ら れ た た め, 大事 を と っ て 本 日 よ り 展示 を 中止 さ せ て い た だ き ま す. ま た, フ ル ル も グ レ ー プ 君 と 一 緒 に 移動 し ま し た.皆 様 に は ご 心 配 を お か け し ま す が, ご 了 承 く だ さ い. # 東 武 動物 公園 # グ レ ー プ 君

– 東 武 動物 公園 【公式】 リ ュ ウ く ん (@ tobuzoo7) October 11, 2017

The average age of a Humboldt Penguin (species of Grape-kun) should be up to 30 years, though rare, but Grape-kun is quite long-lived, that is 20 years.

Previously, the Hululu had been moved due to a storm in Japan, fearing to damage the drawing board.

However, let's pray for Grape-kun to be quiet there and be happy with Hululu there ~ Get more interesting info on your favorite Anime and Manga News only

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