Osomatsu-san Releases Special and Aired Story On Net Show Docomo

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gogoanimestv.com – Osomatsu-san Releases Special Stories and Airs On The Net Show Docomo

Docomo dTV released an announcement this Tuesday where the anime will be aired in 12 short episodes entitled dMatsu-san.

The series will start airing on January 9 at 12:00 noon in Japan. The series will be aired in two different arcs: Totoko x Muttsugo arc that will tell you about the twins will interact with a princess. This story will get six different versions, so the airing will be fair between these twins six!

The second arc, taking the story of Iyami x Muttsugo, which tells the story of the life of each of these six brothers with Iyami.

Wow, if Indonesia gets the impressions of Docomo will be really good, because this mini series will only be aired for the users of the smartphone only. But do not be disappointed first, hopefully it appears in the DVD version and Blu-Ray yes ~ Get also other interesting info about your favorite Anime and Manga News only at gogoanimestv.com


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