Opening and Ending New Songs of Boruto, Showing the Different Chuunin Trial Story Channel!

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Something very interesting from the anime series, and much awaited by his fans is a change from the opening and closing songs, one of which is Boruto which gets the song opening and ending Boruto latest.

What is interesting about opening and ending Boruto this latest? Here, the excerpted footage is scenes in the Chuunin exam storyline that form the background of the main story in the movie Boruto: Naruto The Movie . However, something is different from the plot, and is shown in opening and ending Boruto latest.

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Back to the discussion, all of us who follow Boruto must have known that Chuunin exam storyline in the movie will run with a different pattern, like for example in manga. However, the animenya version is also different from the manga, as there are additional new characters that appear from the new cover theme of Boruto let's start from the opening song.


First, the appearance of this opening song shows important characters related to the same Chuunin exam storyline as in the movie.

For example, there are Sai and Shikamaru who take care of the Chuunin exam, there is Rock Lee who became the referee of the duel match at Chuunin exam, Temari who accompanied Gaara in Konoha, Sakura and Sasuke, as well as five Kage from five major villages in Shinobi world.

The relationship between Sasuke and Boruto as a prospective teacher and student begins to be shown. Although only through short snippets, but it is certain that Sasuke will have a big role in this storyline, even greater than in the film.

This can happen because Sasuke alone has been shown in after credit anime Boruto episode 52, and he will be intercepted by the two same Otsutsuki as in the movie, Kinshiki and Momoshiki.

But there is something strange and interesting here, and certainly different from the movie version. Are you aware of it? The author found there are two different points with the film.

The first peculiarities relate to Boruto itself, and both relate to members of Otsutsuki. Curious? Check the next page for discussion opening and ending Boruto latest!

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