Opening and Ending New Songs Boruto Presents a Feeling of a Feeling of Action!


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<h4> Anime <em> Boruto </em> get <em> opening </em> and <em> ending </em> <em> song </em> new, is it cooler than ever before? </h4>
<p> After going through 26 episodes, finally there <em> opening </em> and <em> new ending song </em> in the 27th episode of the anime <em> Boruto: Naruto Next Generation. </em> <em> Opening </em> this is the second, while <em> ending </em> <em> song </em> it is the third. </p>
<p> Here, the new opening song is sung by Little Glee Monster with his song titled "Over". As usual, Little Glee Monster performed the opening song for <em> Boruto </em> with his highly energetic and cheerful song. </p>
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For those of you who may be familiar with his voice, Little Glee Monster is a musical group that once sang his songs for other anime, such as ending fourth Pokemon XY and ending first in the second season Boku no Hero Academia .

According to the author himself, visual and the song of opening both Boruto this is much more interesting. Firstly because the anime anime Shonen is much more pronounced, without removing the characteristic anime Boruto . Secondly, because the Shonen atmosphere had already been felt, so in the opening was also combined with an interesting combat footage.

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<p> Shared cooperation between three people who will be incorporated in Team Konohamaru, namely Boruto, Mitsuki, and Sarada. They fight a new enemy, and Boruto duel with Kagura who uses Hiramekarei's sword. </p>
<p> Boruto also saw his own shadow of the future. <em> Visual </em> ends with Boruto, Mitsuki, and Sarada who have become Genin and are incorporated in the team. This <em> opening </em> chance will continue to be used until they leave the Academy, maybe 25 more episodes. </p>
<p> What about <em> ending </em> <em> song </em> it? Personally, the author prefers <em> visual </em> from <em> ending </em> the second <em> Boruto </em> hosted by Scenarioart under the title "Sayonara Moon Town". </p>
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